Pool Removal Bucks County PA & Surrounding Area

Swimming Pool Demolition and Removal
We completely remove and backfill old swimming pools.

Do you have a pool on your property that nobody is using?  Is the pool in a state of disrepair?  Are you tired of the high maintenance costs to keep the pool operational?  One of the most popular solutions for dealing with an old, unused pool is to completely remove it.  The concrete can be demolished, dug out, and hauled away and the hole that once housed your pool can be backfilled with clean fill to create a useable patch of land on your property once again.

Celia Co,. Inc. is an Ivyland PA based excavation contractor that has been serving the local area since 1981.  We specialize in completely removing or crumbling and backfilling old swimming pools.  We are licensed, insured and we guarantee the highest quality of workmanship on your project for a fair price.  With nearly 40 years experience you can be sure we'll be able to remove your pool without leaving a big mess behind on your property.

Our Swimming Pool Removal Process

You might be wondering how we remove your pool or what the process looks like?  Here is a list of what you can expect when you hire Celia Co., Inc. to remove your pool.

  • We will obtain any and all required permits.
  • We pump out any water from the swimming pool.
  • We remove the pool liner, any metal siding, decking, and stairs.
  • We then backfill the pool with clean fill compacting as we go.
  • We then properly grade the empty hole so it's level with your existing grade.
  • We can provide you with documentation that your pool has been properly removed.

Why Choose Celia Co., Inc. For Your Pool Removal Project?

When you choose Celia Co., Inc. for your pool removal project you are partnering with a local business that has been serving the area for nearly 40 years.  You can count on your project being completed on time, within your budget, and with a level of workmanship and attention to detail you won’t find with other excavation contractors.

We’ll maintain a safe working environment and we’ll protect your property from any damage while using our machines, the end result is too meet all of your excavation goals while leaving minimal trace of our presence.  Our business has continued to grow through word-of-mouth from our many happy customers who refer us to friends and family.  It’s through our continued commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that we are able to continue doing what we do best!

If you’d like to receive an estimate for your pool removal project please give us a call (215) 443-9743 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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